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**Please wait to pay for your session until you have scheduled it** 

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Empath*ology Service – 1 hour

1-on-1 Wholistic Yoga + Free Herbal or Caffeinated Tea We also offer a $5 towhee discount – read more about it below!




Student & Senior Discount – 25% off

Standard Empath*ology Service (1 hour). Students must be 18+ years old; seniors must be 65+ years old. Read below for further discounts!




Group Empath*ology Service

Group Conflict Resolution, Wholistic Yoga, and Restorative Circles + Free Herbal or Caffeinated Tea. Includes a 1 hour session + 1 hour of Pre-planning with group members. Email for a free consultation to find out more!


Empathy Consulting for Businesses

Email to get more information and to schedule a free consultation today.

$5 Towhee Discount

Knowing the local birds and practicing mindfulness really pays off!

If you hear an Eastern Towhee say “drink-your-tea-a-a-a” while in an Empa-Tea session, you get a $5 discount on your next purchase. Towhees live in Athens all year round and you will walk by many in the Athens area so keep an ear out for the Towhee!

Play the clip to hear the Eastern Towhee say, “drink-your-tea-a-a-a!”
he Towhee won’t always tell you to drink-your-tea, so you will have to listen for it in our session.

Drink-Your-Tea © 2010 Lang Elliott

Transportation Fees

If you want an Empathizer to drive to your location, there will be a fee of $1 per mile traveled. We do not guarantee that we can drive more than 25 miles outside of Athens, GA. However, some Empathizers may be more willing than others to travel and we will address this request on a case by case basis.