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Experience the integrated Empath*ology practice

Nature-Based Empathy

Get empathy, nature time, and exercise at the same time. Friendly dogs are welcome to come along! Must be located in Atlanta, GA.

Empathy For Businesses

Optimize your workday and streamline HR by developing a Culture of Empathy. Email us for a consultation today!

Build Empathy Skills

Learn skills that will allow you to offer empathy to friends, family, and colleagues. Learn about how you can become an Empathizer!

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Consults for Individual Empathy, Group Empathy, and Corporate Empathy. Virtual Options available.

I loved my experience with Josh! He is a devoted listener who puts compassion into action. I like that he shows that he cares about you and introduces you to new solutions for your issues, such as nonviolent communication. This alternative therapy is beneficial to everyone!

Haley K

Empa-Tea is a great source to unwind and talk about what’s going on in your life with caring professionals eager to help. I had a great experience with them, and truly felt like it helped my mental/emotional well-being. Their tea is a great tool to become relaxed before and during your session. I would highly recommend Empa-Tea to any friends who need a source of listening and understanding.

Johnathan V


Empath*ology practitioners refrain from Diagnosing, Analyzing, Interrogating, One-upping, Shutting down, Advising, and using other practices that get in the way of understanding. You are free to vent to your heart's content, Empathizers will only serve to provide structure that leads to self empowerment.

Empa-Tea is informed by ancient traditions and recent philosophies to create an environment that truly serves life. The content we share is not exhaustive of all of the information out there that might be able to meet your needs. Empa-Tea is not providing legal, mental health or medical or psychiatric opinions. It is up to the client to determine how to use the information given to them in ways to meet their needs. By purchasing our Services, we do not guarantee that you will reduce any mental or physical health symptoms. Every situation is different and each person has a unique history that calls for specific strategies to meet their needs. While we can help you find those strategies within yourself, we do not guarantee that we will find the right strategy for you. We are not therapists or counselors and we do not accept insurance.