Wholistic Yoga

To create this Wholistic Yoga service, we combine the wisdom of Yoga with the discoveries of Empath*ology over a free cup of health-promoting tea!

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You have the option to begin and end each session with this form of relaxation, so long as both empathizer and client consent. We often hold forearms because it is more sanitary, minimally invasive, and works to help us relax on a deep level if we want this sort of thing. We combine this with other techniques to induce deep relaxation. We will share our secrets to achieve deep relaxation in our next session!
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I love outdoor Empathy because I am able to share all of these beautiful plants, animals, and fungi that surround us and help meet our needs in a synergistic way!

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I loved my experience with Josh! He is a devoted listener who puts compassion into action. I like that he shows that he cares about you and introduces you to new solutions for your issues, such as nonviolent communication. This alternative therapy is beneficial to everyone!

Haley K.

Empa-Tea is a great source to unwind and talk about what’s going on in your life with caring professionals eager to help. I had a great experience with them, and truly felt like it helped my mental/emotional well-being. Their tea is a great tool to become relaxed before and during your session. I would highly recommend Empa-Tea to any friends who need a source of listening and understanding.

Jonathan V.