What is an Empathizer?

Empathy is not counseling. There are no diagnoses, and no treatments. People get empathy, not to treat a mental illness, but because they need someone who can listen, reflect, and help them process their emotions in a way that meets their needs.

Empathy seeks to create understanding through a re-education program that familiarizes clients with their feelings and needs. I use the word re-education, because all children understand how to empathize with one another from the day they are born. Unfortunately, this knowledge is lost in our educational system that priviledges technical knowledge over empathy. As a result, we lose our ability to empathize. Empathy sessions provide a mixure of listening to clients, and providing them with the tools to meet their needs. Whether you would like help with managing conflict or resolving your own inner conflict, Empa-Tea can help.

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Josh Wayne



                 “My favorite Empa-Tea session involves a mixture of physical activity, nature-based empathy, and deep relaxation. I combine my knowledge of compassionate communication, yoga, and the body to give you an informative, relaxing, and satisfying experience.”

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Location: Metro Atlanta
Price: email Empa-Tea for personalized pricing that takes into account your ability to pay, needed travel to deliver services, and time to render satisfactory services

My goal is to provide affordable and accessible empathy to those in need!

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