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Empathizers will meet you in person at mutually agreed upon locations. Each Empathizer will set their own price based on their experience and their needs. We also offer Empa-tea over the phone via FaceTime, Zoom, or cellphone.

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Haley Krajewski


Haley Krajewski is an avid practitioner of NVC, alternative therapies, and restorative & flow yoga. She is a strong empathetic listener who has personally experienced depression, social anxiety, body image disorders, and spiritual crisis. While she knows that no two person shares the same experience, she also realizes that having similar experiences can sometimes help others meet their needs for understanding in a more profound way.

She will work patiently with you to figure out what your needs are and which strategies will be the most sustainable for you. Her hobbies include yoga, meditation, running, reading, and cooking vegan meals. She lives in Athens, GA with her fiance, Josh Klein, and cat, Toby.

Haley has experiencing offering empathy online via 7cups as a listener and she hopes to share Empa-Tea in person with you!

Languages: English, French
Location: Athens, Ga
Price: $30 an hour for Adults; $20 for students, seniors

 Email EmpaTeaLLC@gmail.com to book Haley


Josh Wayne 


                 “My favorite Empa-Tea session involves a mixture of physical activity, nature-based empathy, and deep relaxation. I combine my knowledge in compassionate communication, yoga, and the body to give you an informative, relaxing, and satisfying experience. You might even find me teaching Wholistic Yoga at Rubber Soul!”

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Education: Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hours; Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Georgia; MSW/MPH student at UGA Class of Dec. 2019
Price: $35 an hour for Adults; $25 for students, seniors

My goal is to provide affordable and accessible empathy to students in need!

        Email EmpaTeaLLC@gmail.com to book Josh


Morgan King


               “My favorite way to empathize is to simply reflect the feelings of a person, based on what a person is telling me. I want to be a sounding board that accurately mirrors the feelings that arise during the service. I also reflect what I believe to be unmet needs in that person’s situation, and encourage others to correct me with further explanation when my reflections aren’t how they see their feelings or situation.”

Location: Athens, Ga
Languages: English, American Sign Language
Education: Certified Yoga Teacher 200 hours x2; Bachelors of Social Work at the University of Georgia
Price: $30 an hour for Adults; $20 for students, seniors


Email EmpaTeaLLC@gmail.com to book Morgan       


Empa-Tea will be adding more Empathizers to our team soon!

Do you practice non-violent communication? Do you practice yoga or other relaxation techniques? Email empateallc@gmail.com to inquire about becoming an Empathizer today!