Wholistic Services

Wholistic Yoga Experience (Student/Senior/Adult)

Wholistic Yoga (empathy, relaxation, nature, tea and more!) with Josh.

For “Effective Venting”Sometimes you just want to speak with someone who can offer empathy, to listen to you in times of stress, or to help you express your gratitude for the world in ways that contribute to life and wellbeing. 

For Learning the Skills of Empath*ology – Other times you do not want to vent, but you want to learn how to better empathize with friends, family, or even clients. Maybe a situation came up where you wanted to empathize, but you didn’t know quite how to do it. Empath*ology sessions can give you the skills to listen compassionately and to promote collaboration in times of conflict!

Each session comes with a free tea (herbal or caffeinated).  After receiving empathy, our clients often feel relaxed, understood, and ready to take action to meet their needs. I offer 1 free 30-minute consultation and short notice appointments, email EmpaTeaLLC@gmail.com or text 770-377-2211 to learn more!

Here is what your Empa-Tea Session might look like

Wholistic Yoga Experience (Groups)

We use the Restorative Circles framework as envisioned by Dominic Barter and Nonviolent Communication to help resolve conflict among family, friends, roommates, and any other small to medium-sized (2-10) group. We create a space where nobody is right/wrong or good/bad, but where each party can express their experience, and receive understanding in return.  These sessions occur in various locations around the metro-Atlanta area. I offer 1 free 30-minute consultation and short notice appointments, email EmpaTeaLLC@gmail.com or text me at 770-377-2211 to learn more!

Business Empathy Consulting

The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella was able to use the work of Marshall Rosenberg (the foundation of Empa-Tea) to reduce infighting and to create $250 billion dollars in market value for his shareholders.  He had his leadership learn non-violent communication, and as a result, he has become one of the most successful businessmen by turning around slumping profits. As part of our Business Consultation practice, we help employers and employees work together to understand how unmet needs drive our behavior. Form there we create a deeper understanding of how management can empathize with staff, and how the staff can better empathize with the needs of the organization. We offer 1 free 30-minute consultation and short notice appointments, email EmpaTeaLLC@gmail.com or text 770-377-2211 to learn more!

Email EmpaTeallc@gmail.com to book Josh Wayne MPH, MSW


              Empa-Tea is informed by ancient traditions and recent philosophies to create an environment that truly serves life. The content we share is not exhaustive of all of the information out there that might be able to meet your needs. Empa-Tea is not providing legal, mental health or medical or psychiatric opinions. It is up to the client to determine how to use the information given to them in ways to meet their needs. By purchasing our Services, we do not guarantee that you will reduce any mental or physical health symptoms. Every situation is different and each person has a unique history that calls for specific strategies to meet their needs. While we can help you find those strategies within yourself, we do not guarantee that we will find the right strategy for you. We are not therapists or counselors and we do not accept insurance. 
Empathy might not help thoughts of Suicide and Homicide 
While we want to be here for you, especially in your deepest and darkest states, we do not want to mislead anyone into thinking that they can use Empath*ology services as a substitute for meeting with a trained licensed mental health professional to address thoughts of suicide and homicide. We do not know of any studies that show empathy can help prevent suicide or homicide.

Please email us at EmpaTeaLLC@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Updated May 6th, 2020